Swimming Pool FAQ’s

How are concrete pools built?

The initial pool shape is dug out of the ground and then we add steel reinforcement. Concrete is then poured as one continuous shell to provide structural strength. Designs can be custom built to any shape/size you desire. Concrete swimming pools are ideal for backyards with challenging sites, such as hilly blocks, narrow gardens and those with limited space. Due to the fact concrete pools can be designed to fit any space, we are not limited with a pre-fabricated pool shell such as fibre glass pool designs.

What are the benefits of concrete?

Due to the structural strength of an engineered concrete swimming pool, they offer great flexibility with design and placement. This strength also means that the pool will withstand generations of fun and play. As well as shape and design you also have a large variety of unique and exotic internal finishes and surfaces to choose from.

Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete swimming pools allow you almost total design freedom. Pool size, depth, shape and in most cases location are limited only by your imagination. Concrete gives you the flexibility to think outside the square- from the most extravagant personal taste through to challenging sites including indoor, outdoor, sloping sites, hillside locations, out of ground structures or rooftops.

The inherent strength of reinforced concrete pools; boundary walls, water walls, water features and fencing can be constructed directly on top of the shell. Plus with proper planning, it can even form part of the footing for the house wall. A well-designed pool is an integral asset to the property and an absolute pleasure for the end user.

I have a small block- can I have a concrete pool?

There are very few situations that would inhibit the construction of a concrete swimming pool. With thoughtful design, planning and the correct engineering, concrete pools can be built right up to the property boundary. They can also form the footings for a new house or other structure. Your concrete pool can maximise the available space and thus provide more space for you to enjoy.

Why Choose Monsoon Pools as your Concrete Swimming Pool Builder?

Monsoon Pools are an established business with staff who care about your project. We have developed a solid reputation for delivering quality construction processes and after sales service over many years of building.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool?

Concrete Pool Build

It’s very difficult to provide a cost (even an approximate one) due to the amount of variable to consider when building a pool. Factors such as pool design, size and selected finish will alter pricing as will, Site location and access. Other items to consider are pool heating, cleaning products etc. Monsoon Pools provide obligation free quotes for you to determine how much it will cost to build your pool.

How long does it take to build a concrete pool?

Pool Tiler

Depending on the type of pool you’re looking for, local rules and regulations, any landscaping needs, construction times can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months. A number of steps are involved in the build of a new swimming pool (> click here for details).

How much site access do you need to install a pool?

Monsoon Pools are renown for building swimming pools in difficult locations. There is always a way to install a swimming pool no matter how limited your access.

How often should a concrete swimming pool be cleaned?

Swimming pools should always be kept clean were possible. A clean and healthy pool is maintained through a regular maintenance program. During the summer season, clean at least once a week. When it gets colder, you can reduce the frequency to once a month.

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